9-12 Math Computation – Mixed Problems


9-12 Math Computation – Mixed Problems

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Our blackline masters have 3 years of meaningful work for the child and are extension lessons from the Montessori album.  This is a valuable resource allowing the directress time to focus attention on the child as opposed to stressing about creating thousands of follow up lessons across the Montessori curriculum.

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Product Description

Blackline Masters


Active learning is crucial to the study of mathematics.  Also, in mathematics, as in all subject areas, each student progresses at her own pace.  These mathematics blacklines are aimed at both individualized and active learning and work in conjunction with the traditional Montessori didactic materials.  Enjoy!

Math Computation

  • Pages of sequenced computation problems
  • Montessori math materials are listed in sequence to encourage active learning
  • Direct aim is listed for easy individualization
  • Use as individual booklets or as problem tickets after laminating
  • Two versions: Isolated and Mixed

9-12 Math Computation (Mixed)

  • Includes dynamic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Operations mixed for extra practice
  • More than 350 pages