We have collected over 150 pages of information to assist the Montessori Principal!

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Running a school is not an easy job, especially if a good portion of your energy is directed towards routine tasks and away from attention focused on your teachers and students.  If you are able to run an efficient school, however, your job becomes more manageable and you can refocus your attention where it belongs, on your teachers and students.  This blackline is meant to do just that.  Enjoy!

Administrative Packet

  • Designed to help administrators run a more efficient school
  • Includes:
    • Forms to evaluate teachers, their classrooms, and their curriculum
    • Professional development forms
    • Interview questionnaires
    • Valuable information for administrators and teachers
    • Classroom management ideas
    • Comprehensive problem solving sheets
    • Student discipline section
    • Student response forms
    • Information sheets for parents offering a quick and easy way to keep parents informed about the Montessori philosophy
  • More than 160 pages